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There's a really great musical piece in the new Smash Bros. that you can unlock by doing the master and crazy orders missions.

I squeed like a little girl when I heard Nintendo awknowledged Baten Kaitos in Smash Bros. But anyway, this piece is from the fantastic duology on the Nintendo Gamecube, Baten Kaitos.

Baten Kaitos is made by the same developers who worked on Xenoblade, Monolith Soft.

Baten Kaitos is a quality made game through-and-through that unfortunately never got the attention it deserved when it was released.

The fairy-tale look of the game and the absorbing story engross me every time I play it, and it's probably one of the most replayed games in my library.

 photo Untitled-5.jpg
There's really no game that feels like Baten Kaitos, and I love the pre-rendered, beautifully colorful backgrounds.

The gameplay is extremely satisfying. A lot of people are often turned off by card-based gameplay, but I find it extremely fun. The gameplay is (somewhat) luck based, but building a good deck and having a good strategy is what really makes the game satisfying. You can do more damage in Baten Kaitos by choosing cards that have the same numbers on them (for instance, three ones, two eights), or you can do A LOT of damage by trying to count up from one, or down from 9. For instance, 1, 2, 3, 4... e.t.c. I gotta tell you, I find few things in gaming more satisfying that getting a final straight sunrise in Baten Kaitos. It takes good deck-building, and finding the right cards to pull this off, and it is killer.

 photo 18547.jpg

The characters in this game are all very likable and interesting, and I love their designs. Their functions in the game are very fun too. There's six elementals you can use in this game, water, wind, light, fire, chronos, and dark. In the spirit of pokemon, certain elementals work on certain enemies. All the characters in this game are very useful, and fun to use. Four of the main characters, Kalas, Xelha, Mizuti, and Gibari, can use all of the elements, while Lyude only had light and dark, and Savyna only has fire and water. The first time I played this game, I didn't find Savyna and Lyude particularly useful, and I found it an odd decision to only make them have two of the elementals, but on later playthroughs, I realized that they actually are very useful. It's SUPER easy to get straights with Lyude and Savyna because there's more numbers on their cards. There's lots of quirky aspects to the gameplay that I enjoy, too. There's a doll you can use in battle in this game that can heal your characters, and some booze too. I usually play this game with siblings, and for some reason, on each subsequent playthrough, certain items always ended up in certain party member's decks. So, the doll you find is called 'Lyude's doll' in my house and the booze is called, 'Gibari's booze'.

 photo Untitled-1_1.jpg

There's also a fun card you can use that triggers taunts from the characters, and even though this game has a pretty awful dub (pretty much my only problem with it) the taunts are always REALLY amusing.

But more than anything else, I just find the whole world in Baten Kaitos so fun to play around in. One of my favorite places in the game is Mira just because it's so odd and out of the blue. There's a lot of fun set pieces, like a village made out of candy, a mystical garden that has a call-back to retro videogames, and one of my favorite sections in the game, Nekton. The atmosphere of this level is out of the world, and the look of it is spectacular. The red lights against the dark forest enchant me every time.

 photo Untitled-3.jpg

The story has a lot of depth and emotion, and I'm not gonna lie, I get weepy eyed at a lot of the parts. The music is extremely stirring, and after playing the game the first time, the opening of this game always gets me. One of my favorite pieces is 'Soul Poetry' and even without thinking or playing about the game, this song touches my heart.

Definitely give this game a chance and buy it if you ever see it for a good price. It's my second favorite RPG ever.

 photo ten_variations___baten_kaitos_by_zer0mugen.jpg
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