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Do you guys have any video-games with art to die for? Well, I sure do. Here's some of my favorites, in no particular order again.

1.)  Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

 photo B002EE7OKE02lg.jpg

I always really adored the graphic styles of both Sin and Punishments 1 and 2. It fits the decrepit world they live in really beautifully, and I love how ridiculous the outfits are. Isa's shoes really make me smile. XD The details on those outfits are to die for, too. The in-game graphics were also beautiful, and it was just a joy running around/flying around as Kachi and Isa.

2.) Viewtiful Joe
 photo viewtifuljoe6.jpg

How can you not love this style? It's an interesting and unique spin on comic-book art and it looks fantastic. The tiny feet on all the characters is one of my favorite parts of the style, and the outfit is very clean and dramatic. Very cool!

3.) Okami
 photo Amaterasufull346160.jpg

I forgot to put Okami on the ten characters I wanted to be in Smash journal! I'm so ashamed... but anyways, this hardly needs to be said, but the artistic style in Okami is one of the prettiest ones in gaming history. They created such a look for the game, and it just falls into place perfectly. Another great thing about the game is that since it is so stylistic, it will probably age really well.

4.) Shin Megami Tensei IV
 photo original.jpg

I really fell in love with this game. All Shin Megami Tenseis are made just that much more special because they always have fantastic styles, and one thing in particular that I enjoy about them is that the characters actually look Japanese most of the time. The presentation for SMT IV was spot on, and all the designs are fantastic. Particularly Jonathan's.

5.) Paper Mario
 photo super-paper-mario-4e2620f43e958.jpg

Hehehe. Have I told you the original Paper Mario is actually my favorite Mario game ever? Well, it is. The game was kid heaven and it looked like it, too. It aged spectacularly because of the unique style, and let's face it. Have you ever seen Mario look this adorable?

6.) Bravely Default
 photo 4f752cfa_Bravely-Default-Flying-Fairy-Artwork.jpg

Y'know, no matter how hard I try, I usually can't get into Final Fantasy games. I tried Final Fantasy 8 and I was just not captured by it. But I saw previews for Bravely Default when it was coming out, and I just fell in love with the style. So, I gave it a shot, and I really like the game. I've never seen a style like this before, and I love the tiny feet again, and how cute and nintendoy it looks compared to Final Fantasy.

7.) Metroid Fusion
 photo Metroid_fusion.jpg

Metroid Fusion was a fantastic looking game. And I feel weird saying that about a game that is essentially made up of pixels, but it looked great. The contrasts in lighting in all the rooms you walk into and the pixel for Samus in general looked amazing. This also had my favorite suit for Samus, too. She looks beautiful~!

8.) Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
 photo 44.jpg

God I love this game to death. But anyways, Radiant Dawn had spectacular cutscenes that really created a great and unique look for the Fire Emblem franchise. I believe they used motion capture, and the CGI cutscenes look more unique and fantastical than most animated movies these days. But, one thing I enjoyed more than the cutscenes, were these wonderful paintings they did for the game. It created such a lovely mood for it, and a great atmosphere.

9.) Baten Kaitos
 photo batenkaitos.jpg

This game and Fire Emblem might end up on every journal I do ever. Haha. Baten Kaitos is an incredibly artsy game. They created these backgrounds for it that create such a fairytale setting and mood for a game. You really feel like you are there with the characters in this game, especially since they talk to you directly. But more than that, the character designs are to die for, and I really love the way they did the cutscenes for this game. It's all done using portraits, and the expressions are amazing. I especially enjoy Kalas' exasperated look.

10.) A Boy and His Blob

 photo animuru-a-boy-and-his-blob-1280x1024-wallpaper-007.jpg

Omigosh! This game is so adorable! The art is like art in a children's book, and Blob and the Boy are so cute. Plus they actually DREW this thing. How can you not love that? This has gotta be one of my favorite looks for a game, ever. : )

As I've said before, I won't be throwing a contest here for a bit, but if you guys want to join one, I have one going on at my Super Mario group… and we're still voting for a contest over at my Fire Emblem group!…
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Thanks for the request :)
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Thanks for letting me join!!!
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Kingdom Hearts 3 needs to come to the Wii U. Not only because it would be a good fit and get the Wii U more sales, but because I don't feel like dropping nearly $400-$500 to get a console that will be getting the game :p
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Would....Okami be considered third party?
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Ty for accepting me, :)
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can i be an admin i always adore nitendo games especially mario and megaman recommend me please :)
WAHOO! I'm in a group! Now people can actually find my pictures more easily! Well just one so far, but let me know what you guys think of it!
Whoops... I accidently submitted an image to the wrong folder (Yarn Pikachu to Beaton Katitos, and it should go to the Pokemon folder). Please move it. Sorry!
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Wow I'm so loving your home page >\\\\\\\\\\\<
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