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15,447 Members
13,728 Watchers
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Hey guys, here are the number of characters we have drawn for each game.
If you want the collaboration to look more full, feel free to draw more characters for the games with only a few.

:bulletred: = Games that're under 10
:bulletblue: = Games that're over 10
(We'd like to at least have ten characters from each game to fill out the picture more fully)
(We also need more people to draw some bosses.)

:bulletred: Adventure of Link (4)
:bulletred:  A Link Between Worlds (8)
:bulletred:  A Link to the Past (5)
:bulletred:  CDI Games (1)
:bulletblue: Four Swords (10)
:bulletred:  Hyrule Warriors (5)
:bulletred:  Legend of Zelda (4)
:bulletred:  Link's Awakening (5)
:bulletblue: Majora's Mask (30)
:bulletred:  Minish Cap (8)
:bulletblue: Ocarina of Time (44)
:bulletblue: Oracle of Ages/Seasons (18)
:bulletred:  Phantom Hourglass (7)
:bulletblue: Skyward Sword (20)
:bulletred:  Spirit Tracks (4)
:bulletred:  Triforce Heroes (5)
:bulletred:  TV Series (2)
:bulletblue: Twilight Princess (24)
:bulletblue: Windwaker (33)

:star: Massive Zelda Collaboration

For this collab, we will be drawing all the Zelda characters we can!

:iconattention-plz: PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE SIGNING UP! I don't want you to draw a character and not be allowed in because you missed a rule. ;_;
And, I’m going to say this right off the bat: There will only be one Link in human form (and some of his animal/creature transformations) and one Zelda in the collaboration. I know there’re tons of versions of the two, but I’ve done these collaborations long enough to know that if I allowed all the versions of Link and Zelda, nothing else would get done.
So, we’re going to use the most famous versions of them: Ocarina of Time versions. Only one person will get to draw them, so read all the rules and have fun!

:bulletyellow: You don't have to be part of the group to join in the collaboration, but it's HIGHLY recommended at least for the duration of the collab because if I have any updates or new rules, I'm going to send the message here.

:bulletyellow: Any Zelda character can only be in the collab once. In other words, if someone has already taken him/her/it, then you can't sign up them again.

:bulletyellow: When we're done, Zimeta will put together all the individual characters onto one big mural, much like her previous collabs:

Massive Mario Collaboration by Zimeta Massive Star Wars Collaboration by Zimeta

:bulletyellow: Traditional or digital mediums are fine. We don't, however accept 3D models.

:bulletyellow: No OCs.

:bulletyellow: Your artwork for this collaboration must be new and created after you signed up for a character. Where's the fun in using an old artwork?

:bulletyellow: Any pose is fine as long as it's not vulgar. Anything from jumping to sitting is perfect.

:bulletyellow: Do not do your own version of a character. You MUST use the original design. You're allowed to draw them in your own style, though. In fact, we encourage you to use your own style over doing a carbon copy of a character. You're also allowed to embellish the design if you want. Just as long as they still look like them.

:bulletyellow: We are not doing different versions of the same characters. For example, we are not doing Zelda and Tetra. Baddies however, we'll allow different versions of. Just ask!

:bulletyellow: Some characters look very different from game to game (Like Impa for example). Once you've acquired a character, it's up to YOU which version you want to draw. (aside from Link and Zelda who must be Ocarina of Time versions)

:bulletyellow: When you make your character, you must draw him/her/it on a blank background. That means either plain white or transparent. (Transparent is preferred, but I know not all of you have that ability, so white is fine too.)

If you use photoshop, but don't know how to make transparent backgrounds, I've made a tutorial for you:

Making a Transparent Background in Photoshop by Zimeta

If you use Photofiltre, but don't know how to make transparent backgrounds, here's a tutorial for you:

Transparent Background with PhotofiltreFor the last Disney Collab at, I wasn't able to put a transparent background, which pi***d me off rather a lot... I saw much advice on how to do it with softwares I didn't have... but at the same time I was perfectly happy with my freeware, Photofiltre... after a bit of research, I finally found a very easy-to-follow tutorial for this... so in case it can help someone else, I'm gonna put the link and the translation (the tutorial is in French) here...
here is the link:
and the translation (if you look at the pictures on the tutorial while reading, it becomes pretty clear):
1. this step simply explains that Photofiltre is free, where to download it and how to open a file... I don't think this needs to be translated
2. select the "magic wand" tool.
-Then click on the plain background like seen on the picture
- you'll see that everything is selected, but the chara ... but t

:bulletyellow: If you add lighting to your character, the light source must be in the upper-right. Lighting is not a requirement.

:bulletyellow: Do not give your character a drop shadow! (A shadow on the ground cast by your character) I'll be adding the shadows myself when I add your character to the background I will make.

:bulletyellow: Your character must be drawn full body. <<< SUPER IMPORTANT

Here's the basics for a visual representation:

:bulletyellow: You will only be able to sign up for ONE character at a time. You will have one month to complete that character. If you don't complete your character within one month, you will be dropped, and you won't be able to sign up for that character again.

:bulletyellow: If there are characters very closely knit like a husband and wife, or characters who’re close friends, I'll probably allow you to claim them both and draw them together. Just ask!

:bulletyellow: The higher resolution you submit your picture, the better! Please make your picture at least 500 pixels wide. If your resolution is too small, it’ll end up all pixelated and blurry when I try to size it with the other characters.

:bulletyellow: Feel free to draw your character holding common Zelda items/props – heart pieces, rupees, bombs, etc. But, if you want to draw your character holding a one-of-a-kind item like the Wind Waker, Pegasus boots, etc. please TELL ME so I can write down that you’ve taken it, and then we won’t have duplicates.

:bulletyellow: For submitting, you can either just submit your picture to DA, or you can e-mail it to Make the title of your e-mail "Zelda Collab", so that I recognize it.
If you submit it to DA, please submit it to our Zelda Collab folder in the group gallery.

:bulletyellow: If you really want to make a background for your image, be my guest. But, you MUST have a backgroundless version for me to use.

:bulletyellow: DO NOT draw your character on lined paper! If you do, I won't accept it.

:bulletyellow: You CANNOT USE BASES to make your character. Your art must be all your own.

:bulletyellow: Do *not* overly sexualize the female (and male) characters. Keep them as they appear in the games.

:bulletyellow: You're not allowed to trace an official Nintendo screenshot/render of your character. Again, your work must be your own.

:bulletyellow: Your character MUST be in color unless your character actually originates from a Black and White gameboy game.

:bulletyellow: You can only do up to ten First-come-first-serve characters. You can sign up for only ONE at a time. In other words, you have to finish your character before you sign up for another.

You will have one month from the day you sign up to finish. If you don't finish on time, your character will be put back in the pile, and you won't be able to sign up for them again.
>>>THERE ARE NO EXTENSIONS<<<. Use your time wisely! Even if your scanner breaks, you’re done. (It’s amazing how many people have their scanners magically break when it’s due date time. Yeah, I’ve done these collabs long enough to have seen twenty people’s scanners break on their due date.)

And the final day of the collab will be: TBA. Depends on how fast things are getting done.

:star::star:THE LIST:star::star:

Please use The Zelda Wikipedia to look up any characters you're confused about and for some really good reference.

Bold = claimed. Please don’t ask for characters who’re already claimed!
Strike= Failed to turn in.
** = Finished

:star: Main Characters who MUST be done for the collaboration :star:

All must-be-done characters are marked by a :bulletblue:.

:star: Links :star:
All right, as we said before: we’re only doing ONE Link and some of his transformations. We’re only doing the ones listed, so please DO NOT ask for other ones.
** Link (must be Ocarina of Time version, Adult Link) -- CoyoteEsquire -- Finished
** Bunny Link (A Link to the Past) -- REsupersonic -- Finished
** Deku Link (Majora’s Mask) -- MistyTang -- Finished
** Goron Link (Majora’s Mask) -- 2tea -- Fnished
**Wolf Link (Twilight Princess) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
** Zora Link (Majora’s Mask) -- DJ-Mika -- finished

:star: Other Main characters who MUST be done for the collaboration :star:
The Sages – Ocarina of Time
** Darunia (Ocarina of Time) -- Arinna1 -- Finished
** Impa (Ocarina of Time) -- Flammenklinge -- Finished
** Nabooru (Ocarina of Time) -- Vaporeon258 -- Finished
** Princess Ruto (Ocarina of Time) -- ratscout -- Finished
** Rauru (Ocarina of Time) -- Admin2845 -- Finished
** Saria (Ocarina of Time) -- Kurama-chan -- Finished
** Zelda (Ocarina of Time) -- AzuriteKnight -- Finished

The Sages – Wind Waker</b>
** Fado (Wind Waker) -- sJibbi -- Finished
** Makar (Wind Waker) -- KishinRinku -- Finished
** Medli (Wind Waker) -- MistyTang -- Finished
** Laruto (Wind Waker) -- TheStarlightPrincess -- Finished

** Din, Goddess of Power (Various) -- Ai-Don -- Finished
** Fairy Queen (Wind Waker) -- Shiiyou -- Finished
** Farore, Goddess of courage (Various) -- angelicshine -- Finished
** Ganondorf (Must be Ocarina of Time version) -- Mariolord07 -- Finished
** Ghirahim (Skyward Sword) -- ImpureElegance -- Finished
** Great Fairy (Ocarina of Time) -- Anilede -- Finished
** Groose (Skyward Sword) -- RisingSunfish -- Finished
** Happy Mask Salesman (Majora’s Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
** Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass) -- ralzor124 -- Finished
** Midna (Twilight Princess) --  CleverAsFoxes -- Finished
** Navi (The Ocarina of Time) -- SonicLion92 -- Finished
** Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom (Various) -- Lumatora -- Finished
** Skull Kid (Ocarina of Time) -- Zimeta --  Finished
** Tingle (Ocarina of Time) -- shroomcat -- finished
** Vaati (Minish Cap) -- PinkVanillite -- Finished

:star: First-come-first-serve characters :star:

The first person who asks for any of these characters gets them. You can only claim ONE at a time. Once you’ve finished and submitted your drawing, you can come back and claim another. Reminder: you can only have up to ten first-come-first-serve characters.
This isn’t a comprehensive list, so if there’s anyone you want to draw who’s not here, please just ask.

:star: Major Antagonists :star:
-- Agahnim (A Link to the Past)
**Bellum (Phantom Hourglass) -- Haxoron -- Finished
**Chancellor Cole (Spirit Tracks) -- Turquoisephoenix -- Finished
** Lady Maud (Triforce Heroes) -- ninpeachlover -- Finished
** Majora’s Wrath (Majora’s Mask) -- Iguruwashi -- Finished
** Malladus (Spirit Tracks) -- shroomcat Finished
** Onox (Oracle of Seasons) -- Mariolord07 -- Finished
** Veran (Oracle of Ages) -- hooksnfangs -- Finished
**Yuga (A link Between Worlds) -- pigswiggle -- Finished
**Zant (Twilight Princess) -- ThePontusAndersson -- Finished

:star: Other Characters :star:
** Agitha (Twilight Princess) -- SilverBlue-Neko -- Finished
** Aryll (Windwaker) Moonlit-Fountain  -- Finished
** Astrid (Phantom Hourglass) -- nicolasalcaino2 -- Finished
** Auru, Ashei and Shad the resistance fighters (Twilight Princess) -- TheUnsungTrouvere -- Finished
** Batreux (Skyward Sword) -- Guttergoo -- Finished
** Biggoron (Ocarina of Time) --  KelpGull -- Finished
** Beedle (Windwaker) -- CleverAsFoxes -- Finished
** Beth, Malo, and Talo (Twilight Princess) -- 2tea -- Finished
** Bipin and Pippin (Oracle of Ages/Seasons) -- masterbx -- Finished
** Blossom and her Son (Oracle of Seasons) -- SilenZahra -- Finished
-- Bunnio and his wife (Spirit Tracks)(Must be both - counts as one character)
** Captain, the skeleton (Oracle of Ages/Seasons) -- ABACC15 -- Finished
-- Catherine the Horse (Legend of Zelda TV Series)
** Cawlin and Strich (Skyward Sword) -- Shini-Smurf -- Finished
--Chef Bear (Link's Awakening) -- Sloth-Power -- Due August 22nd
-- Christine the Goat (Link's Awakening)
** Cia (Hyrule Warriors) -- Fairy-Red-Hime -- Finished
**Colin (Twilight Princess) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
** Composer Brothers Sharp and Flat (Ocarina of Time) -- MudSaw -- Finished
** Cremia and Romani (Majora’s Mask) -- CentaurHillZone -- Finished
** Crimson Loftwing (Skyward Sword) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
** Cursed Skulltula Man (ocarina of time) - Turquoisephoenix -- Finished
** Cyclos (Windwaker) -- Surrender74 -- Finished
**Dampe (Majora's mask) -- CoyoteEsquire -- Finished
** Darbus the Goron (Twilight Princess) -- Iguruwashi -- Finished
** Darmani III the goron (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
** Deku Butler (Majora’s Mask) -- MudSaw -- Finished
** Deku King (Majora’s Mask) -- Reillyington86 -- Finished
** Deku Princess (Majora’s Mask) -- Queen-Blanca -- Finished
-- Devilish Girl (A Link Between Worlds)
**Dimitri, the friendly dodongo (Oracle of Seasons) -- SniperGYS -- Finished
-- Doof  (Legend of Zelda TV Series)
-- Duke Onkled (Zelda CDI)
** Epona (Ocarina of Time) -- Cubone4000 -- Finished
** Ezlo (Minish Cap) -- pamguinn -- Finished
** Fado the female kokiri (Ocarina of Time) -- ImpureElegance -- Finished
** Falbi and Fyer the Lake Hylia residents (Twilight Princess) -- Iguruwashi -- Finished
-- Ferrus the Photographer (Spirit Tracks)
--Festari the Minish Guard (Minish Cap) -- GoGreenGirl-GGG -- Due August 25th
** Fi (Skyward Sword) -- DJ-Mika -- Finished
--Gaepora (Skyward Sword)
--Gaspra (Zelda CDI)
** Gekko (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
--Gentari and Librari the minish (Minish Cap)
--Geozard Chief (Spirit Tracks) -- Turquoisephoenix -- Due August 24th
--Gina the Ghini (Minish Cap)
** Goron Elder and his son (Majora’s Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
--Goselle and Rupin (Skyward Sword)(Must be both - counts as one character)
** Grandmother (Windwaker) -- 2tea -- Finished
**Great Fairy of Flame (Four Swords) -- kuronineko -- Finished
** Great Fairy of Forest (Four Swords) -- KishinRinku -- Finished
** Great Fairy of Ice (Four Swords) -- ninpeachlover -- Finished
**Guru-guru, the windmill man (Ocarina of Time) -- KiiroiKat -- Finished
-- Gwonam (Zelda CDI) -- Code-E -- Due August 22nd
-- Healing Lady (Adventure of Link)
**Hero’s Spirit (Twilight Princess) -- thenaivesiblings -- Finished
** Hilda (A Link Between Worlds -- NintenDash -- Finished
-- Hint Ghost (A Link Between Worlds)
-- Hippo Model (Link's Awakening)
** Ilia (Twilight Princess) -- ninpeachlover -- Finished
-- Iris the magic girl (Four Swords)
** Ingo and Talon (Ocarina of Time)(Must be both – counts as one character) -- LuigiStar445 -- Finished
>>> Indigo-Go’s Band (Majora’s Mask)
-------** Evan -- Ray-Ki -- Finished
-------** Japas the bassist -- sweet-misery788 -- Finished
-------**Lulu the lead singer -- ninpeachlover -- Finished
-------**Mikau the guitarist -- LeahFoxDen -- Finished
-------** Tijo -- o0oLaylao0o -- Finished
-------** Toto -- Le-Vane -- Finished
** Jabun (Windwaker) -- AutumnColorsFall -- Finished
** Joanne (Phantom Hourglass) -- Alilali -- Finished
** Jolene (Phantom Hourglass) -- Alilali -- Finished
** Joynas (Spirit Tracks) -- Alilali -- Finished
** Kaepora Gaebora the Owl (Ocarina of Time) -- NaomiNerd -- Finished
** Kafei and Anju (Majora’s Mask -- KelpGull -- finished
** Karane (Skyward Sword) -- Askald/Saki-BlackWing -- Finished
** King Harkinian (Zelda CDI)(Mah boi!) --  ImpureElegance -- Finished
** King of Hyrule (Wind Waker)-- Mariolord07 -- Finished
** King Zora (Ocarina of Time) -- oldmonstrosity -- Finished
** Komali and his father, the chieftain (Windwaker) -- Strzyga-Stefcia -- Finished
**Lana (Hyrule Warriors) -- Taulan-art -- Finished
** Levias (Skyward Sword) -- Arinna1 -- Finished
** Linder the korok (windwaker) -- Hannah66665 -- Finished
--Linebeck III (Spirit Tracks)(Not to be confused with Linebeck I) -- Gazizaty -- Due August 25th
--Link the Goron (The one named after Link, not to be confused with Goron Link) (Majora’s Mask) -- 13lackout -- Due June 26th
** Linkle (Hyrule Warriors) -- Ai-Don -- Finished
--Link’s Uncle (A Link to the Past) -- IceCreamLink -- Due June 29th ImpureElegance -- Due August 14th
----------- Anjean (Spirit Tracks) -- skyeoak -- Due August 23rd
-----------Carben (Spirit Tracks)
-----------Embrose (Sprit Tracks)
----------- Gage (Spirit Tracks)
-----------Rael (Sprit Tracks)
----------- Steem (Spirit Tracks)
** Louise the Cat (Twilight Princess) -- TheStarlightPrincess -- Finishedde
--Luv and Bertie (Skyward Sword)(Must be both-counts as one character)
** Madame Couture and her assistant (Triforce Heroes) -- Pohlranda3 -- Finished
--Maggie the poor girl and her father (Windwaker)(Must be both – counts as one character) -- Viokcha -- Due July 3rd Vince-Dixon -- Due August 19th
--Mallara (Skyward Sword)
** Malon (Ocarina of Time) -- HeroLinkTriforce -- Finished
** Marin (Link’s Awakening) -- ninpeachlover -- finished
--Martha the Mermaid (Link's Awakening)
** Maple (Oracle of Ages) -- MeguBunnii -- Finished
** Mayor Dotour (Majora’s Mask) -- Ilionej -- Finished
** Mido (Ocarina of Time) -- Aquakuro -- Finished
** Mila the rich girl and her father (Windwaker) -- Weepinbelly -- Finished
** Minish (Minish Cap) -- AlcyoneAX -- Finished
** Moosh, the flying bear (Oracle of Seasons) -- Kindii -- Finished
** Mrs. Marie (Windwaker) -- IceCreamLink -- Finished
-- Old Man (Legend of Zelda) -- NaomiNerd -- Due August 22nd
--Old Woman (Legend of Zelda)
--Orca and Sturgeon (Wind Waker)(Must be both – counts as one character) -- theSkyAssassin -- Due August 21st
--Oshus (Phantom Hourglass) -- nimbusphoenix -- Due August 4th
** Pamela and Father (Majora's Mask) -- Turquoisephoenix -- Finished
** Parella (Skyward Sword) -- Link-of-the-twilight -- Finished
-- Parrow and Orielle (Skyward Sword) (Must be both – counts as one character) -- PinkVanillite -- Due July 9th Riku-Link -- Due August 22nd
** Pashli (Windwaker) -- RisingSunfish -- Finished
--Peatrice the check/storage girl (Skyward Sword) -- ellenent -- Due August 27th
--Percy the Poet (Minish Cap)
** Pipit  (Skyward Sword) -- Mahogany-Fay -- Finished
--Piper and Gulley (Skyward Sword)(Must be both - counts as one character)
** Poe Collector (Ocarina of Time) -- queenmoreta -- Finished
>>>>>>>>Poe Sisters (Ocarina of Time)
--------** Amy -- LawlietRiverRose -- Finished
--------**Beth -- frostlie -- Finished
--------**Joelle --GeoPyroLoyhaI -- Finished
--------**Meg -- Strzyga-Stefcia -- Finished
** Postman (Ocarina of Time) -- saltycatfish -- Finished
** Pierre the Scarecrow (Ocarina of Time) -- IhsanT -- Finished
** Prince Facade  (Legend of Zelda TV Series) -- Iguruwashi -- finished
**Prince Ralis and his mother, Queen Rutela (Twilight Princess)-- TinyMinotaur1 -- Finished
**Princess Styla (Triforce Heroes) -- soyulmayo -- Finished
--Pumm and his daughter, Kina (Skyward Sword)(Must be both - counts as one character) -- gerugeon -- Due July 29th
** Queen Ambi (Oracle of Ages) -- SilenZahra -- Finished
** Quill (Windwaker) -- nimbusphoenix -- Finished
**Rafton (Oracle of Ages) -- masterbx -- Finished
**Ralph (Oracle of Ages) -- MrTwinklehead -- Finished
** Ravio (A Link Between Worlds) -- Villaman89 -- Finished
** Remlit (Skyward Sword) -- Queen-Blanca -- Finished
-- Renado and Luda (Twilight Princess)(Must be both – counts as one character) -- :deva-gamer-from-hyrule.: -- Due July 3rd Skogflickan -- Due August 25th
**Richard (Link's Awakening) -- tsaaif -- Finished
**Ricky the kangaroo (Oracle of Seasons) -- Vaporeon258 -- Finished
**Rosa (Oracle of Seasons) -- Sm-ArtThings -- Finished
--Rosa Sisters (Majora’s Mask)(Must be both – counts as one character) -- Stardust-Kitten -- Due May 25th, Arinna1 -- Due July 6th
--Sahasrahla the Kakariko village elder (A Link to the Past) -- Funinightmare ImpureElegance -- Due August 14th
-- Sale and Shule the Alligator brothers (Link's Awakening)(Must be both – counts as one character)
** Scrapper (Skyward Sword) -- DefyingInevitability -- Finished
>>> Sages of A Link Between Worlds
-------**Gulley -- 2tea -- Finished
-------**Irene -- Le-Vane -- Finished
-------**Oren -- pin100 -- Finished
---------Osfala -- Fairy-Red-Hime -- Due June 21st
---------Rosso -- fiendishfens -- Due August 12th
-------**Seres -- soyulmayo -- Finished
>>> Shine Maidens (Four Swords Adventures)
--------**Blue Maiden -- angelicshine -- Due July 12th
--------**Green Maiden -- missmeliss -- Finished
--------**Purple Maiden -- ChocoBanano -- Finished
--------**Red Maiden -- Stolen-Dreamer -- Finished
--------**White Maiden -- frostlie -- Finished
----------Yellow Maiden -- MilkShakeLuchia -- Due June 28th GeekyZeldaPlayer -- Due August 22nd
--Sing  (Legend of Zelda TV Series)
** Sir Combsly (Triforce Heroes) -- HeroLinkTriforce -- Finished
--Sleezenose (Legend of Zelda TV Series)
** Sokra, the wandering prophet (Oracle of Seasons) -- masterbx -- Finished
>>> Light Spirits (Twilight Princess)
--------**Eldin -- Ai-Don -- Finished
--------**Faron -- Ai-Don -- Finished
--------**Lanayru -- Ai-Don -- Finished
--------**Ordona  -- Ai-Don -- Finished
--Spookter and Spekter the ghosts (Minish Cap)(must be both - counts as one character)
** Spryte (Legend of Zelda TV Series) --  ninpeachlover -- Finished
-- Spryte's Sister (Legend of Zelda TV Series)
--Stockwell (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
-- Sweetie and her boyfriend (Four Swords)(must be both - counts as one character)
** Syrup (A Link to the Past) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
** Tatl and Tael (Majora’s Mask)-- Anilede -- finished
>>> Three Dragons (Skyward Sword)
---------** Eldin -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
---------** Faron -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
---------** Lanayru -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
** Tingle’s Brothers, Ankle, David Jr, and Knucke (Windwaker) -- shroomcat -- Finished
--Telma (Twilight Princess) -- SerjsSODA -- Due June 13th Ilionej -- Due August 16th
** Thief Girl (A Link Between Worlds) -- TheStarlightPrincess -- Finished
--Thomas (Oracle of Ages)
-- Unicorn (Legend of Zelda TV Series)
** Valoo the dragon (Windwaker) -- Millie-the-Cat7 -- Finished
** Vasu the magic jeweler (Oracle of Ages/Seasons) -- masterbx -- Finished
** Volga (Hyrule Warriors) -- Zweihanderyt -- Finished
** Wind Fish (Link's Awakening) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
-- Witch of Wall (Legend of Zelda TV Series)
** Wizzro (Hyrule Warriors) -- LawlietRiverRose -- Finished
--Wryna, Jakamar and Kukiel (Skyward Sword )(must be all three - counts as one character)
** Yeto and Yeta (Twilight Princess) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
**Zephos (Windwaker) -- Zimeta -- Finished

:star: Bosses :star:
Note: Minibosses are not included on this list. If you want a miniboss, just ask.

** Aquamentus (Legend of Zelda) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
--Angler Fish (Link’s Awakening)
**Argorok (Twilight Princess) -- MellowSunPanther -- Finished
**Armogohma (Twilight Princess) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
--Armos Knight (A Link to the Past)
--Arrghus (A Link to the Past)
--Barba (Adventure of Link) -- FreshestJuicebox -- Due August 22nd
--Barinade (Ocarina of Time)
** Big Green Chuchu (Minish Cap) -- Dragoleni -- Finished
** Big Octorok (Minish Cap) -- SniperGYS -- Finished
--Big Poe (Four Swords)
** Bilocyte (Skyward Sword) -- Dragoleni -- Finished
** Blaaz (Phantom Hourglass) -- Fab-912 -- Finished
**Blaino (Link's Awakening) -- that-one-guy-again -- Finished
--Blizzagia (Triforce Heroes)
**Bongo Bongo (Ocarina of Time) -- WilliamJPierce -- Finished
** Blind the thief (A Link to the Past) -- ponybomber -- Finished
** Blizzetta(Twilight Princess) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
** Byrne (Spirit Tracks) -- Mariolord07 -- Finished
--Carock (Adventure of Link)
--Cragma (spirit Tracks)
--Crayck (Phantom Hourglass)
** Cubus Sisters (Phantom Hourglass) -- MrTwinklehead -- Finished
--Cyclock (Phantom Hourglass)
** Dark Link (Adventure of Link) -- evangeline40003 -- finished
--Demon Train (Spirit Tracks)
--Dethl (Link's Awakening) -- Lilac-Vrt-Olligoci -- Due August 19th
--Dharkstare (A Link Between Worlds)
--Diababa (Twilight Princess)
--Digdogger (Legend of Zelda)
--Dodongo King (Ocarina of Time) -- HaphazardMachine -- Due July 16th
--Dongorongo (Phantom Hourglass)
--Eox (Phantom Hourglass)
--Evil Eagle (Link’s Awakening)
** Façade (Link’s Awakening) -- MellowSunPanther -- Finished
** Fraaz (Spirit Tracks) -- Fab-912 -- Finished
** Frostare (Four Swords) -- Link-of-the-twilight -- Finished
** Fyrus (Twilight Princess) -- Flammenklinge -- Finished
** Garo Master (Majora's Mask) -- ellenent -- Finished
--Gemesaur King (A link Between Worlds)
--Genie (Link’s Awakening) -- Cpr-Covet -- Due August 4th
** Gleeok (Legend of Zelda) -- Hyper-Cosmos -- Finished
** Gleerok (Minish Cap) -- MellowSunPanther -- finished
--Gohdan (windwaker)
--Gohma (Windwaker)
--Gohma (Legend of Zelda) -- Mariolord07 -- Due August 23rd
--Goht (Majora’s Mask) -- Artygal -- Due August 21st
--Gomess (Majora's Mask) -- CleverAsFoxes -- Due August 22nd
** Gooma (Adventure of Link) -- Sloth-Power -- Finished
** Gouen (Four Swords) -- Dragoleni -- Finished
--Grinexx (A Link Between Worlds)
--Guardian of Death Mountain (Four Swords)
--Guardian of the Sea (Four Swords)
--Guardian of Talus Cave (Four Swords)
**Gyorg (Majora’s Mask) -- sulfurbunny -- Finished
--Gyorg Pair (Minish Cap) -- Alilali -- Due August 27th
--Head Thwomp (Oracle of Ages)
** Helmaroc King (Windwaker) -- Cortoony -- Finished
--Helmasaur King (A Link to the Past) -- pigswiggle -- Due June 3rd
--Helmethead (Adventure of Link)
--Horsehead (Adventure of Link)
--Hot Head (Link’s Awakening) -- Fab-912 -- Due August 4th
** Jalhalla (Windwaker) -- o0oLaylao0o -- Finished
** Kalle Demos (Windwaker) -- Altimos0023 -- Finished
--Kholdstare (A Link to the Past)
--Knucklemaster (A Link Between Worlds)
** Koloktos (Skyward sword) -- KelpGull -- Finished
--King Moblin (Link’s Awakening) -- WilliamJPierce -- Due July 12th
--Lanmola (A link to the Past)
--Manhandla (Legend of Zelda)
--Margomill (A link Between worlds)
**Mazaal (Minish Cap) -- MellowSunPanther -- Finished
--Medusa Head (Oracle of Seasons)
** Moldorm (A Link to the Past) -- Cubone4000 -- Finished
--Moldarach (Skyward Sword)
** Molgera (Windwaker) -- Platypusofdoom -- Finished
** Morpha (Ocarina of Time) -- MudSaw -- Finishedfrostlie
** Morpheel (Twilight Princess) -- Hyper-Cosmos -- Finished
--Mothula (Windwaker) Iguruwashi -- Finished
--Octogon (Oracle of Ages)
** Odolwa (Majora’s Mask) -- Iguruwashi -- finished
--Patra/Eyesoar (Legend of Zelda)
--Phantom Ganon (Ocarina of Time) -- Zweihanderyt, AzuriteKnight -- Due July 9th
** Phantom Ganon (Windwaker) -- CleverAsFoxes -- Finished
--Phytops (Spirit Tracks)
** Plasmarine (Oracle of Ages) -- masterbx -- Finished
--Prismantus (Triforce Heroes)
** Pumpkin Head (Oracle of Ages) -- masterbx -- Finished
--Puppet Gannon (Windwaker)
** Ramrock (Oracle of Ages) -- MellowSunPanther -- Finished
--Rebonack (Legend of Zelda)
** Red Wizzrobe (Windwaker) -- Zimeta -- Finished
** Scaldera (Skyward Sword) -- GoGreenGirl-GGG -- Finished
** Scervo the sandship pirate (Skyward Sword) -- Iguruwashi -- Finished
** Shadow Hag (Oracle of Ages) -- masterbx -- Finished
--Skeldritch (Spirit Tracks)
--Slim Eye (Link’s Awakening)
--Slime Eel (Link’s Awakening)
--Smog (Oracle of Ages)
--Stagnox (Spirit Tracks)
--Stalblind (A Link Between Worlds)
** Stalchampion (Triforce Heroes) -- MufMuff -- Finished
** Stalmaster (Skyward Sword) -- Nerovo -- Finished
** Stallord (Twilight Princess) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
--Tentalus (Skyward Sword)
** The Imprisoned (Skyward Sword) -- GoGreenGirl-GGG -- Finished
--Thunderbird (Adventure of Link) -- Iguruwashi -- Due August 14th
--Trinexx (A Link to the Past)
--Turtle Rock (Link’s Awakening)
** Twinmold (Majora’s Mask)-- KelpGull -- Finished
** Twinrova (Ocarina of Time) -- 13lackout -- Finished
** Vitreous (A Link to the Past) -- Ishimaru-Chiaki -- Finished
** Volvalgia (Ocarina of Time) -- A-Gamer-From-Hyrule -- Finished
--Zaganaga (A Link Between Worlds)

:star: Baddies :star:
--Ache (Adventure of Link)
--Acheman (Adventure of Link) -- MrTwinklehead -- Due August 24th
--Aeralfos (various)
--Armos (various)
--Ball and chain soldier (various)
** Big Poe -- ellenent -- Finished
--Bokoblin (various)
--Boomskit (Twilight Princess)
** Bulblin (various) -- Sloth-Power -- Finished
** Business Scrub (various) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
>>>Chu chu
-------** Blue Chu -- NaomiNerd -- Finished
-------**Dark Chu -- Cortoony -- Finished
-------**Green Chu-- CleverAsFoxes -- Finished
-------**Red Chu -- CleverAsFoxes -- Finished
-------**Yellow Chu -- ChocoBanano -- Finished
--Daira (Adventure of Link)
** Darknut (various) -- EvanTeuteberg -- Finished
** Deku Baba (various) -- WilliamJPierce -- Finished
** Deku Scrub (various) -- KiiroiKat -- Finished
--Dexihand (Majora’s Mask)
--Dinalfos (various) -- Altimos0023 -- Due August 5th
--Doomknocker (Adventure of link)
--Eyegore (various)
** Floormaster -- MrTwinklehead -- Finished
-- Fokka (Adventure of Link)
-- Fokkeru (Adventure of Link)
** Garo (Majora’s Mask) -- Halgalaz -- Finished
--Geru (Adventure of Link)
** Ghini (various) -- Sloth-Power -- Finished
** Gibdo (various) -- TheUltione -- Finished
-- Guardian of the Silent Realm (Skyward Sword) -- TheWaffleEatingT-Rex -- Due August 15th
** Hinox (Various) -- Sloth-Power -- Finished
--Kargarok (various) -- Queen-Blanca -- Due August 6th
--Kargarok, shadow (Twilight Princess)
** Keese (various) -- NintendoLover105 -- Finished
--Kodongo (various)
--Like Like (various)
** Lizalfos (various) -- Zimeta -- Finished
** Lynel (various) -- Sloth-Power -- Finished
** Miniblin (various) -- Intortus-Aedo -- Finished
** Moblin (various) -- Guilll -- Finished
-- Night Remlit (Skyward Sword) -- Hedgey -- Due August 24th
**Octorok (various) -- WilliamJPierce -- Finished
--Parutamu (Adventure of Link)
--Peahat (various)
** Poe (various) --  GeoPyroLoyhaI -- Finished
**ReDead (various) -- ralzor124 -- Finished
**Rope (various) -- L1701E -- Finished
**Stalfos (various) -- TheWaffleEatingT-Rex -- Finished
** Stalchild (various) -- WilliamJPierce -- Finished
** Stalhound (Twilight Princess) -- SuperBashSisters -- Finished
--Tektite (various) -- Link-of-the-twilight -- Due July 30th
** Shadow Beast (Twilight Princess) -- Flammenklinge -- Finished
** Skulltula (various) -- HasturDaveMasterDude -- Finished
--Spiked beetle (various)
--Wallmaster (various)
--Wizard (Adventure of Link)
** White Wolfos (Twilight Princess) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
** Wizzrobe (various) -- AlpicaTabby -- Finished
** Wolfos (various) -- Sloth-Power -- Finished

:star:Claimed Items :star:
Feel free to claim any one-of-a-kind items with your chosen character. For example if you wanted to draw a dodongo with Link's slingshot in his mouth, just ask for the item and I'll list it here so that we don't get duplicates of items.
Or, if you wanted to draw an item by itself, feel free to claim one. These don't count toward your 5-character limit.

>>>Aaand, I'm not going to list them because that'd take forever. Just ask for one and I'll give it to ya.<<<

** All-night Mask (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
--Ancient Gold Piece (Spirit Tracks) -- Alilali -- Due August 24th
Ball and chain (Twilight Princess) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Due August 14th
** Biggoron's Sword (Ocarina of Time) --  KelpGull -- finished
** Clawshot, double  (Skyward Sword) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
** Couples Mask (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
** Deku Leaf (Windwaker) -- KishinRinku -- Finished
** Deku Mask (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
**Din's Pearl (Windwaker) -- Strzyga-Stefcia -- Finished
-- Don Geru Mask (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Due August 5th
** Eye of Truth (Ocarina of Time) -- Zimeta -- Finished
** Fairy in a bottle (Windwaker) -- Ika-chian -- Finished
-- Farore's Pearl (Windwaker)
** Fireshield Earrings (Skyward Sword) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
** Goron Mask (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
** Hylian Shield (Ocarina of Time) -- CoyoteEsquire -- Finished
-- Hero's Bow (Various) -- KelpGull -- Due August 5th
-- Ice Arrow (Various) -- KelpGull -- Due August 5th
** Majora's Mask (Majora's Mask) -- Zimeta -- Finished
** Magic Armor Diamond (Windwaker) -- Zimeta -- Finished
-- Magic Mirror (A Link to the Past) -- REsupersonic -- Due May 27th, shroomcat -- Due July 4th
** Mask of Truth (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished
**Master Sword (Ocarina of Time) -- CoyoteEsquire -- Finished
** Nayru's Pearl (Windwaker) -- AutumnColorsFall -- Finished
-- Silver Gauntlets (Ocarina of Time) -- 13lackout -- Due June 26th CleverAsFoxes -- Due August 4th
Tingle Tuner (Windwaker) -- CleverAsFoxes -- Due August 4th
** Water Dragon's Scale (Skyward Sword) -- PitchBlackEspresso -- Finished
** Zora Mask (Majora's Mask) -- KelpGull -- Finished

:star:Other? :star:
This list is NOT all inclusive. Please feel free to ask for any character not listed (except for other versions of Link and Zelda, of course.)

Please READ the RULES before participating!
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